According to Consumer Han Dan (pseudonym) describes what he is worth buying promotional information see on 5 July, Ray-Ban's official website is doing a model of glasses Ray · Ban RB6345,2595, Size 52 promotional price 119 yuan. Beijing Daily reporter learned that the official website of Ray-Ban glasses and other optical sales prices were more than 1,000 yuan. After placing an order and payment, Han Dan said Le Pen did not receive the usual shopping process sent a confirmation email. And that the next day, consumers have to call customer service Le Pen was informed of the purchase links to test the connection can not be sent to the consumer related products. The Han Dan their orders recorded in the case without their knowledge and receive a refund has been canceled. Sales unilaterally "cut list" behavior in the domestic electricity business operations are not uncommon. cheap ray ban sunglasses,It is understood that the mainstream business platform also have had a similar number of "criminal record." Internet Society of China Credit Evaluation Center Counsel Zhao occupation, said based on past cases, abnormally low commodity afterwards bulk orders canceled in the event of online shopping, usually caused by system failures, operator error or merchandise sales out cause, but we do not sell hype possible. A source close to the industry believes that Le Pen, Le Pen appeared the "Bug price", probably because when you set the price less write a zero result mislabeled,ray ban outlet, without refund of the purchase price to the consumer from the background cancel the order, or because Le Pen as a global company, do not realize the importance of information to consumers in a timely manner due to feedback. But there are also unnamed industry insiders believe that Le Pen had given customer "test" argument unacceptable. It said industry insiders believe that net sales in general merchandise absence of a test case, the seller is likely to be intentional. Zhao occupation believes that the presence of either a mistake or for marketing purposes, over time, platforms, and thus the credibility of the brand will be damaged. By Ray-Ban amusing incident not only affected consumers, as well as a shopping guide website what is worth buying and selling Ray-Ban party itself. What is worth buying glasses recommended links above commodities, edit records repeatedly updated and recorded the "cut list" course of events, collection number reached 1295 people, 6204 related comments, concerns the number of far more than other similar products. Although access to primary commodity prices more than 12 times the compensation, so many consumers expressed satisfaction with, but Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Zai Shangshu and Wang Ye see comments within a section, there are still many consumers that have not received the relevant message of apology,cheap ray bans, trouble Ray-Ban contact customer service. For Le Pen who, in addition to 1500 yuan compensation for the loss of the coupon redemption, the only platform and brand reputation may be damaged and may also bear the risk from the law. Zhao said the occupation, consumers in the online shopping process orders and after payment of the purchase price, namely the signing of the sale and the seller to determine if the seller unilaterally cancel the order belong to breach of contract, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Contract Law", defaulting party to bear breach of contract. But if the seller fictional facts exist in the sales process or concealing the truth, there are elements of crime may be suspected of fraud, need to take "a compensable back three" responsibility to consumers.


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